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Upon a Box Hilda Coleman

A special gift with a special story.

Local, all natural, organic, sustainable, vegan. Not just buzz words but part of our brand and tirelessly built into every Upon Box gift.


Our Story

When we started Upon a Box in 2019, we wanted to bring something special back to gift giving. Too often buying a gift has become a chore and even a dreaded obligation. We have spent hours sampling and testing our products and aim to provide you with the easiest gift purchase you have ever made. Our mission from the start has been to find unique, thoughtful products from suppliers who care about natural, sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. Our expert gift curators have created special, thoughtful experiences with our gift boxes. Not just a random collection of parts, our goal was to help people rekindle those special personal connections that have become exceedingly challenging in our fast-paced world. We measure our success in smiles, not just the bottom line. Helping people connect with each other by giving is our motivation.

A Deeper meaning of giving

Our Values

Make it here

Did you know that was made around the corner by this fantastic small business? We did.

Make it right

Can you create an amazing affordable product without harming people or the environment? Of course.

Make it special

How do I make a lasting impression on an important client? With an Upon a Box curated gift.

Make them smile

Do you dread heading to the mall searching for a gift for your boyfriends’ birthday? You won’t anymore

Make memories

Do you want to create a moment time does not erase? Let us help.

Make it different

What is the perfect gift idea for someone that means so much to you? We have it.

The special ingredient

Who we are

Founded in 2019 by Hilda in her home in Vancouver, BC, we started out as just a twinkle in her eye. We have challenged ourselves to bring our customers a glimpse into the hospitality and love Hilda shows to those around her. Our gifts and our business is a reflection of those values and something we work hard on making sure is part of everything we do.